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Steam Cleaning Carpets

Published by D Hickey in Carpet Cleaning · 3/4/2012 19:03:24
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After weeks, months, and years of neglect is it any surprise that your carpets look dull and tired? I’m sure you wouldn’t look at your best either without a little TLC now and again. So many people spend a small fortune on installing a magnificent carpet, just to allow it to fend for itself.

Without adequate maintenance and care, carpets cannot protect themselves against spills by children, dirt and fleas from pets, dust collected over years, mud brought in on shoes etc. If you are planning on throwing out a carpet that you haven’t had for long just because it looks a little tired, try steam carpet cleaning

Before you waste hundreds of pounds replacing a half decent carpet, contact a carpet cleaning
company to see if they can help you out. Steam carpet cleaning can immediately freshen up carpets, bring their colour back and revitalise the fibres. You might find that your carpet doesn’t need replacing after all, just a thorough cleaning.

After the clean you will probably notice a huge difference in the look, feel and smell of your carpets – for the better hopefully! Of course this will not be good enough in all cases, and it is not good enough to do on a one off. Steam carpet cleaning
is an important part of maintain a carpet, it needs to be done around every 12 months but this will differ depending on your lifestyle.

Prokleen Carpet Cleaners
offer high quality steam cleaning at really affordable prices. It is important that you do stick to your cleaning routine as carpets that do receive this treatment have been proven to last much longer – even two, three, or four times as long.

Regular treatments will save you lots of money in the long term as it will prevent you from having to replace your carpets regularly. Next time you are thinking of pulling up that tired looking carpet, give it a steam cleaning treatment first as you might find that this breathes a new life into it.

Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Published by D Hickey in Carpet Cleaning · 1/4/2012 23:26:37
Tags: carpetcleaningprofessionalcarpetcleanerscommercialcarpetcleaners
Our commercial carpet cleaners will carry out the below steam cleaning process to ensure your carpets get the best cleaning possible: 1. HIGH-FILTRATION CLEANING SYSTEM (if required). The first stage is to use a high filtration vacuum that has been specifically designed for high performance professional carpet cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning Warrington

Published by D Hickey in Upholstery Cleaning · 16/3/2012 14:37:35
Tags: upholsterycleaningupholsterycleaningwarringtonsofacleaning
Upholstery cleaning in a customers home in Warrington, this sofa cam up lovely as you can see.

Stair Carpet Cleaning in Warrington

Published by D Hickey in Carpet Cleaning · 14/3/2012 14:33:03
Tags: carpetcleaningstaircarpetcleaningcarpetcleanerwarrington
One of our specialists cleaning stair carpets in customer home in warrington

Leather Suite Cleaning

Published by D Hickey in Upholstery Cleaning · 7/3/2012 03:07:14
Tags: leathersofacleaningleathersuitecleaningupholsterycleaningsofacleaningfabricsofacleaning
Weekly leather sofa cleaning requires only a microfiber small cloth or vacuum accessory to dust it. Use either or both of these for ordinary leather sofa care. Take advantage of the pad to make sure you clean away all airborne debris and mud. Take advantage of the cleaner using the delicate brush connection to help vacuum up any stray pet hair and also dander.

Carpet Cleaning Presentation

Published by D Hickey in Carpet Cleaning · 2/3/2012 02:17:46
Tags: carpetcleaningcarpetcleanerscarpetcleaningwarrington
Quick presentation of our video clips from customers homes.

carpet cleansing all the very best tricks

Published by D Hickey in Carpet Cleaning · 1/3/2012 01:48:28
Tags: vacuumcleaningcarpetcleaninghooveringhooveringtips
Vacuum-cleaning flooring is important element to presenting your sparkling home. There are various occasions when friends and guests phone to tell myself that they're going to possibly be stopping by and I check around the property and also I mention certain come across and also to myself personally Now i'm saying “oh no the house looks like a mess!”

We Only Use The Best (Prochem gets royal seal of approval)

Published by D Hickey in Carpet Cleaning · 26/2/2012 03:34:35
Tags: prochemroyalwarrantHMQueencarpetcleaning
At Prokleen Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Specialists, we pride ourselves on getting great results from our cleaning by using only one company for cleaning machines and equipment and that is ProChem this year they have just recieved the royal warrant of appointment to HM The Queen

Stain And Spot Removal Process

Published by D Hickey in Carpet Cleaning · 24/2/2012 17:44:42
Tags: stainremovalspotremovalstainsandspotscarpetcleaningcarpetcleaner
The accumulation of soil on textiles is one of the factors that cause textiles to deteriorate. Spilled food, for example, can turn a textile that is normally unappetizing to insects into an attractive meal for moths and carpet beetles. The "ground-in" dirt can increase the abrasion of yarns, causing them to weaken and lose luster.

Upholstery Cleaning Videos

Published by D Hickey in Upholstery Cleaning · 21/2/2012 16:19:39
Tags: upholsterycleaningvideossofacleaningvideossofacleaningclipsupholsterycleaning
Upholstery cleaning videos of our fully qualified cleaning specialists at a customers home in St Helen's.
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